School Search & Application Support

We help build your single profile to search and apply to multiple schools worldwide.

Searching for schools and admissions yourself or for your child can be a daunting process, hence the need to register your profile with an education agent who basically increase your chances of getting accepted. However local education agents cover specific countries and specific schools in those countries. This means you’ll have to register your profile multiple times with multiple education agents to get a wider coverage of options; which then becomes too expensive in time and costs.

We have aggregated all of these challenges into a single automatic process by connecting to different school search and admission application services worldwide to give you the widest possible coverage and best chance of admission with in-built rules for students from Nigeria. In six simple steps, we’ll automatically guide you all the way from Profile Build to Application Submission; thereby saving you lots of time, efforts and money.

Profile Build

Build your common data profileā€¦. Its quite exhaustive and covers virtually all the information that all universities require for admission application.

School Search

Select your search study options and preferences; and our system will filter schools and course programs that match your study options

Course Eligibility Checks

Based on your common data profile, we automatically check your eligibility against the schools and courses listed from the search options results.

Document Collation

Gather all required documentation. With our systems, it is possible to use a single set of documents like transcripts and references to cover all applications you make

Profile Share

All schools offering courses for which you are eligible will be given access to your common data and study options and may invite you to apply; unless you opt out.

Admission Application

You can submit one application form to some or all eligible matching schools or schools who have invited you to apply; as a formal application for admission.